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Getting Started

You have two easy options to integrate Tranquillity into your project/engine.

Reference the DLL

If you downloaded the binary release, simply copy it (and optionally the associated .xml documentation file) to a convenient location within your solution project. If you don’t already have it, it would be useful to create a “Dependencies” folder where you can keep all of your binary dependencies.

Once you copied the library file, right-click on your project and select Add Reference.

Navigate to the folder where you placed the library file, select it and press Ok.

Build from source

To work with the source code, download the Tranquillity repository in the solution directory.
To include the project in your solution, right-click on the solution, hover over Add and select Existing Project.

Navigate to the Tranquillity folder in your solution folder, select Tranquillity.csproj and press Ok.
Once the Tranquillity project is included in your solution, right-click your game/engine project’s Reference and select Add Reference.

Select Tranquillity under the Projects tab and press Ok.

You’re done! Check out Using Tranquillity to learning how to use it.

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